Monday, September 24, 2012

My beautiful Sarah

Good Morning!!

Fall is here!! I can not tell you how happy this makes me! You know how spring and summer invigorate most people? Well I personally really don't like Summer. I love Fall though. Fall means new beginnings to me. Means my favorite holidays and pumpkin flavored everything! As we speak I am enjoying pumpkin coffee. I love to see the different colored leaves and feel the cool air as I sit here typing this with the window open.  The Fall clothes are great too because they are the only style that complements me. Trust me I do not look good in shorts. But with Fall comes all my new projects so that should be tons of fun! I think once I get the cord to my sewing machine soon that I should open an etsy account as I will have a surplus of things laying around with all the activity I can do with sewing. Anyways I hope your Monday and week is beautiful because it is a wonderful day!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I went in Tuesday to get blood drawn and an MRI. Blood to see if I have diabetes which is a certain thing I am sure, MRI to see why I have migraines and have lost eyesight in one eye. Still no word on the results which I would just hurry up and come in. I know these tests take a while but I wish I could just know what to do to fix all the health problems I am having. Mostly I just want to stop being so damn tired all the time. On a wonderful note, The first day of FALL is today!! Albeit a bit hot but hey fall is here yea boi! Pumpkins and falling leaves. Corn Mazes and Halloween. All the beautiful things that make Fall my favorite season. I am baking a pumpkin pie today to celebrate. I would love to hear from all you wonderful people on what Fall means for you. If it is not your favorite season then what is and why?

Monday, September 10, 2012

almost 3 and let the fun start.

So my beautiful little girl is now expressing emotion, mostly anger, through tantrums. yay expression of independence!...not. I love being a mom and always knew I was meant to be a mom but dear grace does my patience get tested on an hourly(just had to get up to discipline again so make that every half hour) basis. She is at the point where everything gets thrown and no is her favorite yelling word. I was not wanting teenager at 3.  In the end mommy just puts her in time out and remembers that before 6pm is not ok for a glass of wine(personal rule).  Have to admit though, she is the cutest thing to have yelling at you...

Getting organized in life

I think it is about time to commit. Commit to making my life the way I want, commit to finishing things or keeping up with things. This blog for example. I am working with a friend to get an event planning business started. Us as a team could really get things jumping. Working on getting my degree and need to make improvements in that area. I have started exercising daily which trust me is a huge improvement for me.  It is about time I grow up and realize that I needed to grow a bit more. I just have to constantly remind myself change is good and should be accepted.