Monday, September 24, 2012

Good Morning!!

Fall is here!! I can not tell you how happy this makes me! You know how spring and summer invigorate most people? Well I personally really don't like Summer. I love Fall though. Fall means new beginnings to me. Means my favorite holidays and pumpkin flavored everything! As we speak I am enjoying pumpkin coffee. I love to see the different colored leaves and feel the cool air as I sit here typing this with the window open.  The Fall clothes are great too because they are the only style that complements me. Trust me I do not look good in shorts. But with Fall comes all my new projects so that should be tons of fun! I think once I get the cord to my sewing machine soon that I should open an etsy account as I will have a surplus of things laying around with all the activity I can do with sewing. Anyways I hope your Monday and week is beautiful because it is a wonderful day!

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