Thursday, March 7, 2013


Currently in my life I have no job or car. I am not contributing financially at all to my family situation and this makes me feel horrible. I feel like I have failed my daughter and husband on a daily basis. You do know what I do though? I raise my daughter. SK is 3 years old and she can do the following:

1. Use the potty
2. Knows her alphabet and can identify any of the letters.
3. Count to 15 everyday and sometimes 20
4. Count to 6 in Spanish
5. She knows her colors
6. She can eat with a fork and spoon and an open lid cup
7. She knows most nursery rhymes and can recite them
8. Her enunciation is amazing for a 3 year old
9. She has manners
10. She respects adults

Nowadays this is saying something for someone her age. We are currently working on writing and reading. She is quick and smart. My daughter is ahead of the two four year olds I watch. I keep my house clean and occasionally make dinner when I can but food is always available and my daughter is well fed. She is healthy as well. Now sometimes I may sit here and lament the fact that I have not finished my education or be upset because I believe I am not worth much but all things considered I am a damn good mom. And that is and will always be my most proud status to claim.

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