Wednesday, December 18, 2013


A breath, deeply in and out
A smile
Love in pure form
Calmness when storms rage
Sacrifice of oneself
Time for what is needed
Joy that fills the heart
Miracles happen everyday, we just do not pause to see them. We have become blind to what graces up. What motivates the race. Paying it forward or simply acknowledging someone else. Giving your time. Time is so precious to us all and we guard it like it is necessary to survive. How can you change someone else's life by just giving time?

In my own life I know how to create a miracle. I can give time to my daughter who is in so desperate need of it. I can give my time to my Lord who sacrifices all for us. My husband who simply needs to know that I appreciate him and love him, who just needs a back rub. I am selfish and guard all I have. This is horrible and needs to be amended.

Tonight I am breathing YAHWEH. I am breathing the name of the Lord so that I may remind myself how I am so blessed and how I have not done any of this and it is all in HIS Name, His glory, His love. YAHWEH, our very breath calls for Him. How do we ignore the call so blatantly apparent? YAHWEH. Oh Father help me.

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