Friday, February 7, 2014

Changes outside of my comfort zone

Well looks like we are out of Virginia for a while. Staying with friends while we save money helps a lot. We are however in Moyock, NC. And though I appreciate this opportunity so much being in Moyock spikes my anxiety out of the roof. This town is not home, it is a nightmare every time I am here. And I need to remember that the two greatest things that ever happened to me happened in Moyock. That I met Charles and gave birth to Sarah here. It is just so hard. I can't wait till I am back in Virginia. Virginia is home, calms me and centers me. I loose touch out here and it hurts. The only comfort is that I was not separated from Charles like we thought we were going to have to be. I just hope we can get ourselves sorted soon. Anyhow I need to look at this like a learning experience. Learn patience. Learn control. Learn what I need to.

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