Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is coming!

Fall and Winter are my favorite months because I get really ill as soon as the temperature gets above 70. But we have had a harsh winter and I have been holed up with two toddler girls for most of it. I am looking forward to getting them outside so I can exhaust them. It would be great if I could just exhaust my daughter and let my niece do her thing if she wants. I am looking forward to Easter this year. I am a holiday fanatic which my husband dreads but it makes life more vibrant. I look forward to the church events, the personal egg hunts I do, the many crafts. The breath of fresh life that Easter brings to everything in the world. Spring is the new beginning. Proving that all hard things must come to an end and better things are yet to come. I can not contain my joy, my love. I feel full in news ways. I hope this Spring can bring continued joy and that my daughter can enjoy it just as much as I do.

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