Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm being negligent again long since my last post or effort? Yea yea I know. It gets hard when you don't have readers though and you sort of loose motivation. Aside from that. It has been as hot as Hades around here. Which means my lethargic self activates and I become of a blob of do nothing. I hate the heat. Hate it with a passion that rivals fire. Heat makes me sick and dizzy and uncomfortable. Honestly I dread the heat flashes of menopause when that time comes. I need a climate that never goes above 70 with little to no humidity. Any suggestions for this dreamscape? Today however we it windy out and beautiful and will possibly storm later and I am so happy for that. I NEED a storm. One that makes the house rattle. We shall see. Yes I made this post about weather. I quite often make everything about the weather. I love discussing the weather and there is no logic to that. To me a conversation has not failed when it defaults to weather because I can just go on and on. I worry about myself sometimes. :) On another note, I am thinking of starting a facebook page for my really random adventures. We shall see. I am considering it.

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