Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two birds with one stone on Sabbath

If you know me you know that I like being efficient but when I have nothing to be efficient about then I get into a rut and become useless. It is a sad thing honestly. This morning though on a Facebook group that I am a part of a fellow blogger said that she was going back to her days of no internet on Sunday. That she was going to devote more of her time to the Lord and other things she has neglected. And it hit me right in the heart. I need to do this too. Lately I have been feeling a grinding halt to my faith and the strong presence of mind that I am spending too much time online. That I am ignoring the important things and what also bring me peace and rejuvenates me. My daughter is left to her own devices which admittedly she is amazing at but we just don't connect anymore. My reading is way off. I used to be able to read at least half a book in a day and it has been a very long time since I have done that. My writing is just plain horrendous now. So I need to take a day to revive my soul. To reconnect with the Word, Him, Bug, and myself. This is my notice to you that I will now be trying to take Sunday's off from the wonderful world wide web and to show myself and my daughter that we ourselves are more important than the technology that controls us a lot of the time. A great article I found stating why this is needed is below, it is better at explaining than I am.

Why it really matters that you keep the Sabbath.

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