Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Moth Myth

Long ago the moths were as beautiful as the butterflies.  They had bright colors and joy followed where ever they lighted.

But one day the sky, ground, and all of its growth lost color. The animals despaired. They could not live in a world that had no color. How would they know what was safe to eat or touch? How could they have joy if half the world was gray and the only color were themselves?

The animals gathered together to try to find a solution. They talked and argued for many days while the wise moths listened, hoping for a peaceful solution. After many days all the animals were full of grief and anger for no solution could be agreed upon.

That was when the moths stepped forward and offered their color. They said they would give their color to the while taking the shades of black, white, and gray. They would return balance to the world and bring safety once again.

All of the animals were astounded at their generosity and worked with the moths on restoring color back into the world once again.

Now when you see a moth, know that it is because of them we have color and they made the sacrifice of their selves for the world.

(A story my grandmother told me so I wouldn't be scared of moths.) 

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