Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finding grace

This day was long and hard. All day long I have heard stories of children lost. It has also be hard with the babies growing in their mother's wombs and one born. I rejoice for those mother's who know joy, even if my heart breaks a little and asks what I did wrong. All day I had to discipline my daughter and niece but was afraid to do so because you never know what will happen next. I lay between my husband and daughter now. Listening to their ragged breathes as they fight off a cold or allergies. My daughter also fights a fever as the rain outside fights the heat. I worry for these two loved ones and I know I will get little sleep. That is okay though because I would rather be aware of every breath they take and know they are safe. It is also finals for me today and tomorrow. I was working on my project all afternoon and have so much more to do tomorrow so an early day. I think what I need right now is the reminder of grace. I have been ignoring this week because of stress, heartbreak, and depression. I need to pay attention to this week because it leads to Easter Sunday and that is a day of great joy and love. I will look to the Lord for patience, for love, for strength. I will find His grace in the small moments of the days and thank Him for them. I will look to His word for comfort. Good night, God Bless.  

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