Sunday, April 27, 2014

The writing bug

My writing bug has come back in full force! I just wrote 500 words and I have not done that in a very long time. I am making a vow to do at least 500 words every morning and hopefully I will have a decent story in a couple of months so that I can get it on amazon and bring in some small cash. I need to do something to help my husband so hopefully this will be a good start since finding a job outside of the home is not possible right now. So every morning I will get up, shower, make coffee, and then write 500 words before doing homework. I really need to stick to this because I know how I am. I get all excited about a project and drop it a few days later because I procrastinate like there is no tomorrow. Setting alarm and then another until I annoy myself into obedience. Now if you could just pray that I stick to this and it is a successful endeavor no matter how small of an impact it makes. Something is always better than nothing.

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