Monday, April 28, 2014

What music album would be used for a movie about your life?

I seriously put this off for three days because I have no idea. So I am just going to list my top songs and tell you why they're my favorite and we'll see if it counts as a made up album.

1. 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman: This song to me so fully embodies my joy in living in Christ and having Him as my savior. Knowing that everything will work out in the end and I will praise God the whole time.

2. Demons by Imagine Dragons: I just deeply connect with this song. To me it speaks of depression which is a daily struggle for me. It also makes me think of my past which I always feel will come take me over and that I am ruled by it. I know this isn't so but the song lets me get those feelings out.

3. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen: I play this song when I need to be loud and I feel like everything is caving in on me. I don't know if it is because of the betrayal talked about in the song. It is a good song, great beat, and perfect for belting.

4. King of Anything by Sara Bareilles: An empowering song to not put up with anyone's crap. Which really anyone needs to hear this song if they haven't already. Especially if they had a bad relationship at some point, which we all have don't lie.

5. This is Halloween from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas: Fall is my favorite season and I love Halloween so much. Plus this movie is just so great.

There are plenty more but I don't have all night :). What album would be yours or what are you favorite songs?

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