Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

Easter is a wonderful day! Aside from the wonderful smiles from Sarah and the early morning joy it is also the day we get to celebrate Jesus rising from the grave. Now I know that Easter was a pagan holiday and that we are not 100% sure of Jesus' timeline because calenders can get confusing over many years. BUT it does not detract from the joy that death is not everlasting. We may depart our mortal bodies but then we get the greatest joy to be with our Father and Savior in Heaven. There is no greater joy!! A lovely lady I know referenced Easter as the Christian Independence Day. There is so much truth to that. We have gained independence from death and from sin all within three days. Jesus suffered and died on the cross for US for us sinners. He and the Father loved us so much that HE gave His ONLY Begotten Son so that we may be saved. Bless the Father and all His wondrous works.

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