Monday, April 7, 2014

When your world crashes...

When your world crashes it seems like nothing will be right again. These past two weeks have been the hardest out of the very hard two months we have had. We lost our baby, Joan, and had to explain that to my Sarah who is four and doesn't really understand. We had to go through the cremation process and then found out the urn we had gotten was too small. So now while our daughters ashes remain at the funeral home we wait on the delivery of another urn. We are staying with friends and have for a couple months now when we used to live on our own. Our money situation is plain ridiculous and I have no way of helping with the income. So far 2014 has not been our year and the depression came back of course because it is never too far. As a result my daughter suffers. I become withdrawn and do not act like a mother. This is horrible for her and I feel so much guilt from it. I know I need to get out of the pit, it is a very hard thing to do. I am still working on it. Working on not being stuck in my head and listening to all those lies I tell myself. But I do know it will get better. I have no idea when or how but it will. We will have our own home again and I will be a good mother again. I will help my husband with money again, somehow. I just don't know when or how. And that is okay.

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