Thursday, April 17, 2014

Standstill is over

Too long I have been on the sidelines of my life. I have been an observer and not an active participant. It has gotten tiresome and come to the point where I feel helpless. Enough. I have been a passive person in my faith, my life, my child's life, and the future of my family. I do know that a main cause of this is depression and a deep seated fear that I am still dealing with. Now I need to start with the small steps to make my life vibrant, wholesome, and to be able to be a better support system for my husband, daughter, and anyone else who needs it. A few days ago I stated that I need to strengthen my faith. I have found a site that I think can get me started and my church family alone has helped me take strong leaps in the past year for that. Now I need to take advantage of my OCD personality and use it to rejoice and come closer to God and to set things in motion. Pray for me that I may keep the strength and use my weaknesses to His benefit and for those around me.

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