Thursday, November 21, 2013

50 Reasons to be Grateful for your Husband

For this month of Thankfulness and leading up to Thanksgiving I am going to list 7 things a day that I am thankful for in my husband and add the last on the day of Thanksgiving.

1. My husband loves me unconditionally. I know a lot of wives say this but he really does. I have messed up a lot in my time, I have tried pushing him away, I have done everything in the book to convince him that he is too good for me He still stands by me. Charles may not be a Christian but he exemplifies the love of God and Christ so thoroughly.

2. Charles is a great father. His daughter, Sarah, loves him beyond words. They play together, he consoles her. He brings her surprises like a toy sword to go with the power rangers costume he gave her. They have their little games.

3. Charles is steadfast. He is loyal to a fault and will always stand by his family.

4. Calm. He is slow to anger and even when he does get angry he does not yell or get violent.

5. Logical. He does not make rash decisions.

6. He doesn't drink excessively. He will occasionally drink with friends but it is not consistent and he is not a mean drunk.

7. (Being a wee bit shallow here) Charles is good looking. (Sound weird now) I love his bone structure.

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