Friday, November 29, 2013

Let's Play Catch Up!

I skipped the schedule of Wednesday, Thursday, and most of today. So I guess I will just summarize a few things and link you to cool things. I had a great Thanksgiving with two of my sister in laws, husband, and daughter. My husband had to work overnight on Thanksgiving and all day Black Friday. He just got home and poor man is exhausted. This week we have put off preschool learning because we concentrated on true meaning of Thanksgiving and how we should act and love going into the Christmas season. Nothing for DIY or crafts but I can link you to my Pinterest account where there are way too many ideas for comfort. As for the awesome things found online. If you had not heard of Ann Voskamp then you need to now. She is an amazing Christ filled woman. Her voice is that of love and comfort. Her link will be below as well. For something calming there is a live feed into a shark tank in an aquarium and you can see all kinds of sea animals

That is all I have for now. I am sure I will have plenty more by Friday as I remember to save them. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, if you celebrate it.

Ann Voskamp:

My Pinterest:


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