Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Good in the Bad

This morning at 2:32 my daughter, Sarah, comes into my room saying she is going to spit. Spit in her mind means throwing up. That sets off the rest of the morning with rushing to get her into the bathroom in time, her crying, and me trying my best not to come off as grumpy because I have had a serious lack of sleep this whole week. Finally 7am comes and she is asleep so I get to have my hot shower. 30 mins later and she is awake again. Pancakes this morning are the answer because they won't upset her stomach too much, they're quick, and it is all I can make. My husband is also sick, I am pretty sure with the flu but he still goes to work. Forces himself to work because we really can not have any less money right now. Our biggest concern is the fact that we don't have food in the house right now and how we are going to get food in the house. Tomorrow it will be whether we have the rest of money for rent. December 1st it will be if we have money for rent at all. There are always problems going on and right now I do have plenty of them...


We also have each other. I have an amazing husband who is loyal, loving, hard working. We are in our 20s and a lot of men his age are not as grounded as he is. My daughter is overall healthy, smart, beautiful. She is polite, loves going to church, is social. I have come to grow in myself this past year and that means really appreciating my family. You must also, in circumstances that are worrisome, find joy and laughter. In all this it is a joy that my marriage is strong. It is a joy that I have amazing friends and go to a wonderful church. It is a joy that my husband has great, dependable friends who are willing to take him to work every morning. It is hilarious the dinners I have had to come up with on very little ingredients. It is funny how inventive we can get with our time because we don't have money or a car to go out.


We are blessed. God looks out for us and walks with. We do not walk this path alone.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. -James 1: 2-3

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