Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Beginnings mean New Motivation

I have recently come back to the Christian faith. It was a long road and I still struggle but everyone does. Today I was at a play date with my daughter and it was with a bunch of wonderful women from the church. These ladies have opened their hearts to me and that means so much to me. My church is a wonderful church. They have accepted me even though I am broken and thought that I could not be loved any more. My life has been renewed and in part from these amazing people. My husband and I are still struggling financially but I have confidence that my husband and I can get through this in any way that God leads us. I am also part of First Place Bible Study and one of the mantras is that you can push the restart button any day. As someone obsessed with starting something either on a Sunday or Monday this was a hard thing for me to grasp. But I have done it many times now. I have started praying with my daughter. I have worked on my anger. I have gotten better at getting out of bed. I am a better person and still improving. Having come back to the Christian faith has not changed my respect for all religions. I still support LGBQT rights. I am just letting you know ones who are wary, not all Christians are bad and judgmental people. I will listen to you and I will not judge. It is not my place. I take from the Christian faith a message of love and acceptance. God bless you all and may whatever God/s you follow watch over you. If you have no belief then may you have a good one and walk in peace.

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