Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Interior Design

We are coming up on the holidays and a lot of people will have company over for the holidays. So here are a couple of ideas for cleaning and making the place look nice in decorations.

1. Windex will get practically any stain out of the carpet. Spray it on there and let it soak in for 10 mins then pat it with a rag.

2. Magic erasers are perfect for any spot on the walls and baseboards.

3. Cover your carpet with baby powder, let it sit for a minute, then vacuum. Your carpet will smell fresh.

4. Check your furniture for balance

For decorations:

1. Any garland or wreath that you have had packed up. Spray with a light amount of water and wipe down. It will give a shine and clean dust off. Don't forget to plump the garland and bows.

2. For every foot of Christmas tree you need 100 lights and 20 ornaments.

3. Where there are lights you need to do the squint test. Squint your eyes and it will show you if there are more lights in one area than another.

4. If you have children, let them be involved in some part of decorating. My Sarah decorates a small tree for her bedroom and it keeps her in a great mood and out of the way for when I am trying to do the rest.

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